ThermoMap Viewer and ThermoMap Calculator now available on the Heat Under Your Feet website

As from today, two important tools for the development of shallow geothermal installations are also available on the Heat Under Your Feet website: the ThermoMap Viewer and the ThermoMap calculator.

The tools were created in the framework of the ThermoMap project with the objective of providing an estimation of very Shallow Geothermal Potential (vSGP) across Europe. The project harmonised pre-existing data sets relating to geological, hydrogeological, soil, climate and relief geodata with standarised methods, and then used the data to build an open source web GIS that everyone can use to check the vSGP in a certain area. Samples were taken from fourteen test areas in nine different countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Romania and the UK.

Click here to access the tools.

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