TNT Headquarter

The TNT building in Hoofddorp is in use since September 2011. The design is characterized by sustainability, transparency and connectivity.

The energy that is needed is generated sustainably by the building itself. This is done by means of heat and cold storage in aquifers in the soil. The bio-cogeneration plant required for this process runs on organic residual waste, among other things. The geothermal heat storage process supplies the heat and cold required for the building’s climate control system. The heat stored is used to heat the complex in winter and the cold to cool it in summer.

The building is 17.250 m2, achieved a LEED Platinum rating and a Greencalc+ rating of 1005 points and has won several prizes for its superior sustainability.

Where: Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Year of completion: 2011

Architect/Design: Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter

Implementation: Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs B.V. / Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs B.V. / DGMR / BBN Adviseurs

Photo: Pieter Kers