Brussels Environment

The Brussels Environment’s building was completed in spring 2014 in one of the capital’s largest and most important urban renewal districts, the Tour&Taxis site on the Havenlaan. With its 16.725 m2, today, the building is the largest passive construction in Belgium. The building’s structure is optimised in order to consume as less energy as possible. A geothermal heat pump connected to concrete core activated floors provides heating and contributes to the building’s compliance with the passive building criteria.

The new Brussels Environment is BREEAM-Excellent certified and also complies with all the norms applying to Passivbau.

Where: Brussels, Belgium

Year of completion: 2014

Architect/Design: Cepezed

Geothermal system: Smet GWT / Terra Energy / IF Tech

Photo: Leon van Woerkom, Cepezed