Geothermal heat pumps: a renewable, competitive, reliable technology for heating and cooling in buildings

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A high performance technology, adaptable for heating, cooling, hot water and energy storage

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Highly efficient technology: massive savings in energy consumed and in heating and cooling costs

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About the Campaign

The Heat Under Your Feet

The Heat Under Your Feet is an initiative launched in May 2015 within the framework of the ReGeoCities project to disseminate information and awareness about geothermal heat pumps in Europe and to promote their use.

Geothermal heat pumps – or ground source heat pumps, GSHP – are an established technology that uses shallow geothermal energy, the heat stored beneath the earth surface, for heating and cooling buildings. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from small, residential houses to large individual buildings or complexes. 

The average energy savings, if the technology is used properly, are as much as 50% in winter and 40% in summer. They can be installed anywhere and at anytime to provide reliable and sustainable renewable energy.

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The Heat Under Your Feet

What’s New


How to develop support schemes for Renewable Heating and Cooling

Oct 18,2016 / News

The FROnT manual of good practices provides guidance for policy makers establishing successful support schemes for renewable heating and cooling. …

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Consultation twitter card

Public Consultation: What makes an RHC support Scheme Successful?

Apr 6,2016 / News

The FROnT project is conducting a public consultation to further assess the factors which make schemes and policies for Renewable …

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IEA HP conference HP

Submit a paper for the 12th IEA heat Pump conference

Apr 5,2016 / News

The 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference aims to cover all aspects of heat pumping technologies in the various markets ranging …

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